Freeware File Renamer – Rename up to 1 Million Files & Folders Instantly!

Looking for a file renamer to batch rename files and folders, up to 1 million at a time? RenameMaestro is probably the easiest bulk renamer you’ll find to instantly rename multiple files:

  • Swiftly rename using photo and mp3 tags, numbers, dates, letters
  • Easily view progress with this file renamer’s constant instant preview
  • Save time – the ‘easy rename’ clears, adds text and auto numbers in one!
  • Total safety – a full instant undo, and export & import your actions
  • Finish in seconds – drag, drop and rename up to 1,000,000 files
  • Use internal information from any file when renaming
  • Use step by step actions, for example the ‘find and replace’ action
  • Use incrementing numbers, dates, and even letters
  • Solve incorrect file date problems – created, modified, last accessed

file renamer

RenameMaestro batch file renamer – The easy rename action:

mp3 tag and exif viewer

This swift and simple to use file renamer lets you add increasing or decreasing numbers, letters and dates. You can swiftly add and remove text, include the created date in the file name, press rename and watch it rename files in a split second.

In just a few simple clicks you can extract and use photo information to rename photos, music tags to rename mp3 files or movie data to rename movie files.Or just view the vast amount of internal information held within any of these files and more; RenameMaestro isn’t just a batch file rename utility!

The ‘Easy Rename’ action is the fastest way of renaming files, and it will remove every name, let you add some text and put some increasing numbers on the end of each file name in simple step. And you get an instant preview every step of the way before you rename multiple files or folders.

Adding files and folders for batch file renaming is as simple as using drag and drop. If you wish, just drop one directory in and this better file rename software will add all the files within it instantly.

RenameMaestro is a bulk rename utility that lets you intuitively build up a list of changes to carry out on your files or just carry out one action quickly and simply. A list of multiple actions might involve deleting some of the text, changing the file extensions’ case, then inserting an incrementing date and time. A single action rename would simply be choosing one of the above or another action, and then renaming immediately.

Managing to rename mp3 files or rename photos couldn’t be easier with RenameMaestro; its just a few clicks to organise both the files and the folders in your collection. Try this bulk rename utility for free right now!

file renamer

RenameMaestro – batch rename files with any action:

rename multiple files

This file renamer has an easy but powerful find and replace action for names and extensions, which can use quick symbols like * for any characters, : for a number, and ? for a letter.

You can now change the created, modified and last accessed dates and times for files and directories with ease. So you can make the modified dates match the created dates, or any other date and time you like. Just click here for more information about how to change file dates.

Of course you can insert incrementing letters, change 1 million names and extensions to and from capital letters and do other swift actions with this batch file renamer.

All of the many different file rename actions can work on all or just some of the parts of the file (and folder) names or extensions. As you progress you can add and remove files and directories whenever you want before you hit the rename button.

And if you want to change the final results, just use the Undo button and all the batch file rename and date change actions will be reversed immediately.

To bulk rename different files and folders repeatedly in the same way is easy because of the ability to export your actions to a file. Then later its simple to import them back to rename files in the same way whenever you like.

But don’t take our word for it! Download our software to batch rename files and try it for free; you’ll see how easy it is to change file and folder names, extensions and properties with RenameMaestro, the better file rename software.

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