Deaf Child Asked to Change Signed Name at School Because it Resembles Gun

Hunter Spanjer, a deaf preschooler from Nebraska, was asked to rename himself because his school thought that the hand signal for his name was “in violation of the school’s weapon policy.

Grand Island School District told the family that the name was inappropriate because students are not allowed to bring a weapon to school or use anything which resembles a weapon.

To sign Hunter’s name in the Signing Exact English language, simply extend and cross your index and middle fingers and close the rest of your hands in a fist. It looks a little bit like a gun symbol, but more like you are crossing your fingers for good luck.

The story quickly went viral on the web as many people were astounded as to how this could be a real issue. Grand Island School District says that they decided to drop the case when they started receiving hate mail from the angry community.

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