Save Time – Change up to 1 Million File Dates Instantly!

RenameMaestro helps you to change the created, modified or last accessed dates and times of files and folders with ease.

If you’ve ever backed up files on a computer, you’ve probably noticed that although the new files’ modified dates make sense, the created dates don’t. You might have last changed a file three years ago, but the created date will say it was created five minutes ago.

With RenameMaestro you can swiftly change the created date and time to match the modified date, restoring meaning to your precious back up files. Of course you can also change any of the created, modified or last accessed dates and times to match any of the others in a couple of clicks.

The Change File Dates (To Matching Dates) Action:

file date changer

If you need to change one or more of these date and times to something specific of your choosing, then doing so with RenameMaestro is a breeze, even for 1 million files at a time. You can even make one of those file dates start at one date and time and then increment to another over a number of files.

There are many ways to rename your files

This can be useful if for example you have a number of files that should have been created once an hour, but ended up being delayed.

But don’t take our word for it! Download RenameMaestro for free and try it; you’ll see how easy it is to change file and folder names, extensions and properties.