The Home Screen

This is the main screen of RenameMaestro; here you can choose one or more actions to take effect on your files and folders easily,
with previews every step of the way, before finally renaming them.


As you start to create and save multiple renaming actions in RenameMaestro, this drop down list will show you what you have saved
so far so that you can easily review, edit or delete each action.

Available Actions

This is a list of the different types of actions you can take. Examples of what you can do include ‘Easy Rename’, ‘Insert Text’
and ‘Change Case’. Each action can be used as many times as you like. See further in the help files for information about individual

Add & Remove Buttons

This is just ONE way to add new files and folders to the list on the left, in order to rename them. The first button lets you
add files, the second adds folders, and the third removes any items selected in the lists; this button will only be enabled if
you have selected some files in that list.

Adding Folders

When you add a folder to RenameMaestro, you will find that a window comes up called ‘Folder Addition Question’. This gives you
many options about what to do with the folder and its contents:

  • Just add the folder
  • Add the folder and all files immediately within it (i.e. ignore all sub folders)
  • Add the folder and all folders immediately within it (i.e. just the sub folders)
  • Add the folder and everything immediately within it (i.e. files and folders one level in)
  • Add the folder and everything within it at all levels (i.e. all files and all folders, including any sub-folders that they may
    have – the whole lot).

You can also specify if you would like RenameMaestro to ALWAYS take this action from now on without questioning you again. This
decision can always be altered later on. Please see the ‘Options’ help section for more details.

Finally, you can change your mind and skip this file entirely.

About (& Registration), Help and Options

The ‘About’ button shows you summary information about RenameMaestro, and is also the place where you can register your copy
of the software. The help button will bring up the local help file on your machine. The options form shows a few tweaks you can
make to RenameMaestro to tailor it to the way you like to work. All are dealt with in the ‘Options, Registration, Help &
About’ help sections.


If you have any saved actions in your ‘Actions’ drop down list, this button will be enable. This is the button that
renames your files; once you have clicked it you will see the changes to your files. Any issues with the new files names (often
due to duplicate names) will be highlighted on each of the files.

After clicking ‘Rename!’, and whilst you haven’t altered the file list or any actions, this button will become an ‘Undo Renaming’
button, so you can easily roll back the changes you have made should you wish to.

Clear All Actions

If you have any actions to be deleted, you can remove them all with this button, and start again.