Meta Data

RenameMaestro can get you a read only view of the metadata and internal information of 1 million of your files swiftly and easily, whether they are photo, audio, acrobat or video files, and many more file types besides: Testimonials

A huge amount of information can be stored within your files, and with this file renamer you can easily see it all. For any batch of files, whether they are JPEG, MP3, AVI, PDF files files or others you can view a wide range of information with ease.

Rename using metadata from photos, music and more:

view metadata

Because RenameMaestro is a file renamer that gives you an instant preview every step of the way, but without ever renaming the files until you say so, you can easily see all of the information contained within each file without altering anything. With just a few clicks you can see a full list of all the directories that each file might have, such as ID3, EXIF, TIFF or RIFF information, even Photoshop and Acrobat metadata.

When you see this information in RenameMaestro, you can be sure that none of it will ever be altered or deleted in any way. The only changes that this batch renaming software makes is in the names, extensions and file dates of your files and folders. The metadata can be used to rename your file batches easily, but will never be altered itself. This means you can easily view shutter speeds, page counts, authors, album names, release dates, frame rates and more with absolute confidence that nothing will be deleted.

And of course if you want to use this information to rename those files, its a trivial task. If a particular file doesn’t have an author or whatever piece of information that you want, then nothing will be inserted into that file’s name. And any information stored within the file as a date can be formatted before inserting it into the file name. Expand any dates to an easily readable form, so that ’06/05/2009′ can swiftly be inserted into your file name or extension as ‘6 May 2009’.

A renamer for MP3 files and internal data from many other files:

video metadata

You can also use general file information that is present in every file when renaming. This means you can include the name of the photo’s folder in its name, or its folder’s folder name (and so on). You can insert the date a photograph was last accessed into it’s extension. If a picture needs to have its file size mentioned in the name, you can easily do that with the file size inserted in KB or MB.

All of the file information can be inserted into some or all parts of the file (and folder) names or the file extensions. As you progress you can add and remove files and directories whenever you want before you hit the rename button.

And if you change your mind about the final results, just use the Undo button and all the folder and file renaming and date changing actions will be immediately reversed.

Renaming different audio or video files repeatedly in the same way is easy because of the ability to export your actions to a file. Then later its simple to import them back to rename pictures in the same way whenever you like.

But don’t take our word for it! Download our file rename software for free and try it; you’ll see how easy it is to change your photos and pictures.