Freeware Video Renamer – Save Time – Rename up to 1 Million Videos Instantly!

RenameMaestro is probably the easiest and quickest video renamer to rename up to 1 million of your movies and videos instantly, whether they are AVI, MPEG, MP4 files and more.

If you need to use the frame rate, bit depth, encoding, duration or anything else hidden away within the file when renaming movies and films, you now can. Extensive information is now at your finger tips, including the RIFF and BMP metadata that movie files often contain. And none of this information will ever be overwritten or altered in any way.

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Just using duration information and much more:

movie tags

When movie renaming you can now utilise a vast amount of information from within the file, including but not limited to average bytes per second, codec, maximum data rate and much much more to rename films. In fact, you may well find yourself using RenameMaestro just to see the information within your film and movie files.

Any information stored within the file as a date can be formatted before inserting it into the file name. Naturally sometimes this information isn’t stored as a date, for example a film duration value might be stored as ‘4 mins 53 secs’.

But if it’s stored as a time such as ’00:04:53′ then RenameMaestro will let you alter it however you want – use the minutes or just the seconds if you like. Expand any dates to an easily readable form, so that ’06/05/2009′ can swiftly be inserted into your new file name or extension as ‘6 May 2009’.

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Use this video renamer in a number of ways:

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You can also use general file information that is present in every file when renaming. This means you can include the name of the video’s folder in its name, or its folder’s folder name (and so on). You can insert the date a movie was last accessed into it’s extension. If a picture needs to have its file size mentioned in the name, you can easily do that with the file size inserted in KB or MB.

All of the file information can be inserted into some or all parts of the file (and folder) names or the file extensions. As you progress you can add and remove files and directories whenever you want before you hit the rename button.

And if you change your mind about the final results, just use the Undo button and all the folder and file renaming and date changing actions will be immediately reversed.

Renaming different videos and movies repeatedly in the same way is easy because of the ability to export your actions to a file. Then later its simple to import them back to rename films in the same way whenever you like.

But don’t take our word for it! Download our video renamer software for free and try it; you’ll see how easy it is to change your videos, movies and films.

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