Starbucks is Demanding that Doggie Daycare Be Renamed

A doggie daycare facility in Illinois has recently received a cease and desist letter from mega coffee giant Starbucks demanding that they rename their business.

“Starbarks” is a small business and it’s name and logo resemble the Seattle-based coffee chain in an obvious play on words. Starbucks wants the business to change their name, logo and website URL.

The owner of Starbarks, Andrea McCarthy-Grzybek, has offered to change the colours and the details in the logo, but Starbucks turned down the offer.

Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson told the Chicago Sun-Times his company had the legal right to protect their brand as intellectual property.

Meanwhile, the small business has hung out a sign in front of their property which asks patrons to voice their opinion on Facebook about the name change request.

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