Street Names Changed in Maine to Prevent Emergency Call Mix-Ups

The renaming of several streets in the city of Augusta, Maine will hopefully save lives. The city has a number of street names which sound very similar, which has resulted in ambulances, police and emergency teams ending up in the wrong part of the city when responding to a call.

For example, in June of 2011 Sarah Gordon was shot and killed by her husband Nathaniel just outside their home. Sarah had called 911 for help, but the dispatcher had thought she has said “Murray Lane” rather than “Marie Street’ and sent the police to the wrong side of town.

Augusta city officials will be renaming several streets which sound similar, including Lambard Road and Lambert Avenue, Meadow Drive, Meadow Lane, Meadow Road, and Meadowrue Drive and Sewall Street and School Street. They hope that changing the street names will not only make it easier for visitors to navigate the city, but also make sure that emergency response teams get to the right location quickly.

Redneck Olyimpics Faces Lawsuit Over Name

The Redneck Olympics have been warned by the US Olympic committee to rename the event or face court action. The Olympic Committee are insisting that the Redneck Olympics drop the Olympics from their name. The event is held annually in Hebron, Maine and includes events such as wife carrying and beer swilling.

Organizer Harold Brooks said he received a phone call from his lawyer warning that he must change the name or face a lawsuit. Brooks plans to fight the legal battle claiming, “It’s a word that was used by the ancient Greeks. This is just a bunch of rich people looking out for other rich people.”