Hairy-Chested Crab Named After David Hasselhoff

Scientists from the United Kingdom have been doing research off the coast of South Georgia in the Antarctic, and have discovered and strange new species of deep-sea dwelling crab. This species of Yeti crab has been nicknamed “The Hoff” because of how it’s hairy chest resembles Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff’s furry physique.

The name will stick until the crew of researchers decides what the official scientific name of the new crab species will be.

The hairs on the yeti crab are a natural adaptation which allow the creature to cultivate bacteria which it later eats as food.

Apparently, the 59-year-old actor is quite proud that his name has been used in the discovery. On Twitter, Hasselhoff has created the hashtag “GotHoffCrabs”.

Remember, the hydrothermal vents in these areas are very delicate ecosystems which could be easily disturbed, so in other words: Don’t Hassle the Hoff Crabs.


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