Man From “Speed Kills” Also Changes Name

We recently brought you a story about a small Australian town that changed it’s name from Speed to Speed Kills to warn motorists of the dangers of travelling too fast.

Now, a sheep and wheat farmer from Speed also wants to rename himself in support of the cause. Phil Down decided after 20,000 people ‘liked’ the campaign on Facebook, that he will become Phil Slow Down for a month.

The entire town was in support of the campaign, and the TAC have agreed to give the local Lions club $10,000 to change the town’s signs, and now that Mr. Down is changing his name they have chosen to donate an extra $10, 000.

The number of drivers who travel through the roads of this small town at dangerously high speeds makes all residents worry about the safety of their children and neighbours.”A lot of people drive through these towns and think, ‘Oh nobody lives there. Why slow down? We’ll try to make up a bit of time’,” Mr Down said. “I would argue the ripple effect of any accidents in these small towns is probably felt more than anywhere.”

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