Offensive Creek in Nevada Will Not Be Renamed

The federal government has decided not to rename a creek in the foothills of Sierra, Nevada, despite complaints from a local resident that the name is insensitive and discriminatory.

According to County supervisors, Negro Creek should retain its name because it reflects the historical contributions of African Americans to the Gold Rush in the area.

The creek was originally named a more offensive N-word, which was changed to “Negro” when local resident Gail Smith challenged the U.S. Board of Geographic Names in July. However, Smith still finds the creek name offensive, and suggests calling the geographical feature “Black Miner’s Creek” in order to preserve its history without promoting racial segregation.

However, the Board of Supervisors has stated that the word “Negro” is not pejorative and is an objective term used commonly such as “African-American” and “Black.”

What do you think? Should the name be changed or left the way it is?



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