Customer Testimonials

“I downloaded about 6 of these programs and yours won out. Some were so complicated I could have renamed the pictures individually by the time I figured it out. I like the number of things yours will do, the simple interface, and the ease of learning to use it.

I shoot car races on 3 cameras which creates many files with mixed up numbers. RenameMaestro makes it easy to quickly number them correctly before uploading them to websites when you’re running against the clock, and makes life easy when you have to find a couple of pictures out of 10,000 at the end of an automobile racing season.”

Elwood Foster, N.B. Speedway

“RenameMaestro is the only software that I found that can read the video duration information & rename files based on that information.

I have tons of captured media files that need to be named in a uniform way; I’ve tried to get such software for quite some time as hand renaming is just too painful.

But RenameMaestro does what is expected of it and MORE – it allows renaming in any way imaginable – the cost is phenomenal considering the time it saves me.”

Sebastian Cerazy, St. Paul’s Girls’ School

“RenameMaestro has saved me an immense amount of time, as I periodically make bulk edits to the names of the music files on my computer. I’ve used it to edit the names of several thousand files, with more changes to come. I find it to be intuitive and
easy to use, and the software has worked flawlessly on my computer. I’m very pleased with it and highly recommend it. It’s quite a bargain given the time it has saved me.”

Tom C., Chicago, USA.

“I first stumbled across RenameMaestro when I was searching for a method to globally rename multiple files. Having collected thousands of photographs as an amateur photographer I needed to catalogue my collection during the re-launch of my website, which required renaming all the files to provide a consistent name format. I downloaded the trial version of RenameMaestro and soon found it to be a fantastic product and extremely intuitive to use, so much so that I soon purchased a licence.

In addition to this, the personal support and advice received was top class and I thoroughly recommend it.”

Steve Hodder, Steve Hodder Images

This program has saved me so much time its not funny. Jobs that would of taken hours have turned into mins. It wins hands down for me.

Warren Hillsdon FB

“I literally rename thousands of files daily, so I don’t have time to figure things out. This is a great utility, especially compared to others. I tried a bunch of other renaming software and this is by far the best – the most functional, stable and logical. Its very easy to use; RenameMaestro was just so much more intuitive.

It’s also nice to know that your company is so responsive and quick, even with issues that don’t directly pertain to the actual software. That’s really awesome; thank you for that!”

Joseph Miller,