Common Options in Actions

Important Note

In any action, a text box or option with a red exclamation mark (!) means that you must supply a value here to use and save the action.

The Common Options

There are a couple of options that are common to the majority of the actions in RenameMaestro. These are described below to save repetition on each of the action pages.

Rename Area

The first is the Rename Area option. The exact wording to describe this depends on the action, but it will often say ‘Insert into’, followed by a drop down list with three rows. The rows are always the same, and consist of:

  • Every name
  • Every extension
  • Name and extension

By choosing one of these you are specifying where the action will have an effect on the file. Naturally, the extension options only apply to files, not folders. So you might insert text into the extension, and then change the case of just the name later on. Remember, you can use each action as many times as you like; just save that action and then select it again from the ‘Available Actions’ list.

Beginning At

This is a bit more complicated. It allows you to specify exactly where in the rename area you want to carry out the action. The default selected row depends on the action. The drop down list has these rows, although not all will be shown, depending on the relevance to the action:

  • The start
  • The start plus… (an exact character position, minimum of 1)
  • The end
  • The end minus… (an exact character position, minimum of 1)


There is no way you can break RenameMaestro by selecting a character position beyond the beginning or end of the file or folder names, so the best way to acquaint yourself with this option is by trying it out. Also, the ‘Insert Text’ action help which is in this manual has some good examples of how this option works.