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RenameMaestro is the easy way to rename files and folders (directories). It has been designed from the beginning to be intuitive and quick whilst maintaining extensive functionality, an essential requirement of any utility software.

RenameMaestro works by allowing you to create one or more actions before you rename; an action might be inserting a date, removing some text, or inserting an incrementing number. So you can, by choosing and customising one action after another, easily build up your renaming requirements before finally renaming – and get a preview at every step.

So you receive a preview as you go along, can use just one or many actions, and can reuse each action as many times as you like.

If you want to get an understanding of the whole application quickly, have a look through the tutorials section. It’ll get you up to speed swiftly and easily!

The Overall Look and Feel

The window is split into three parts. The ‘Original Files’ list on the left shows you your existing files and folders, the ‘RenamingPreview’ list on the right shows you a preview of how your files will be altered, and the centre part contains all the functionalityto allow you to alter your files and folders.

If an original file can’t be found (or has been moved whilst RenameMaestro is open), the file will be coloured in orange. Thiscentral part is referred to as the ‘home’.

There are some context menu items which work in either lists. Just right click your mouse and you will see options (if they arerelevant) to let you:

  • Remove Selected
  • Show in Folder
  • Select All
  • Remove All

As the names imply, these will not delete your files from your computer, they will just remove them from RenameMaestro.The ‘Show in Folder’ option allows you to quickly see the first selected file in its folder in Windows Explorer.

Please note, the list on the right shows a preview of the changes; the renaming will only occur when you pressthe Rename! button. Don’t be put off by the fact that the preview will alter as soon as you select a new action – this is justto provide you with instantaneous feedback as you select different options within each action.

If the renaming action(s) has caused a preview file name to be different to the original, it will be coloured in green. If thereis a problem with renaming (almost always because 2 or more files in the same folder have been given a duplicate file name) thenthe text of that file in the preview list will be red in colour.

The home area of the application changes depending on what you are doing at that moment, to offer you a simple and quick wayof renaming files without cluttering up the window with redundant buttons and boxes.