Options, Registration, Help & About


The about screen is where you can register a copy of RenameMaestro, and by doing so you can show your support for independent
software vendors! Just click on the Register button and copy and paste your name, number of licences and password from the
registration email you will have received.

Please help us by buying a licence. If you have, then thank you for supporting independent software vendors!

This screen also shows you when you first started using RenameMaestro, the current version number and the website address,
which is:


This button brings up these help pages!


Always keep RenameMaestro on top

This allows you to keep RenameMaestro sitting on top of all other windows. It can make dragging and dropping files from
Windows Explorer far easier.

Folder Additions

This drop down list lets you set or alter your response to the ‘Folder Addition Question’ mentioned in an earlier section
of the help file. All of these choices are described in that help section, except the first one which is:

Ask me every time I add a folder (i.e. this is resets your choice)

Actions – Import & Export

These two buttons allow you save and restore actions. If you often find yourself choosing the same actions again
and again, then export them and then you can import them whenever you like.

You must create the actions before you can export them, so when you export an action to a .rma
file, you are saving all of the actions currently shown in the ‘Actions’ drop down list.

Be careful when importing from an action file – this will overwrite all your existing actions if you have any!

When adding files or folders, ignore these files…

This is a list of files which RenameMaestro will ignore when adding any new files via any method to the Original Files list.
There are some pre-selected, and we recommend not removing them. Changing the names of critical system
files can seriously damage your computer’s health!

Feel free to add in any you wish to continuously exclude from any renaming actions.