RenameMaestro 60 Second Tutorials Overview

In order to make it easier to pick up the skills you need to use RenameMaestro, we’ve put together a few light hearted and hopefully useful tutorials to learn by actual experience rather than the dry theory of a help file.

Each tutorial deals with a seperate set of actions that you can utilise in RenameMaestro. Take your time and follow through each step with your own files as you read each tutorial; the 60 seconds isn’t a time limit!

Great Aunt Petunia’s Photographs
… using the ‘Easy Rename’ action

Zaphod Smith – Multimedia Artist
… using the ‘File Information’ action (MP3, photo and other files’ data)

Nitin ‘DJ Elastic’ Moorthy
… using the ‘Find & Replace’, ‘Insert Numbers’ and ‘Insert Text’ actions

Major-General Merry-Hell’s Canons
… using the ‘Insert Dates & Times’, ‘Delete Text’ & ‘Change Case’ actions