Tutorial for Find & Replace, Insert Numbers and Insert Text

The Scenario

Nitin ‘DJ Elastic’ Moorthy has a very extensive high quality MP3 collection that he uses when wowing the crowds at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs all over South East England. As a top international DJ (he has played a gig in the Isle of Man), he can’t waste time with naming all his MP3 files by hand, and just rips them with software that names them automatically.

Unfortunately he’s realised that the software has taken all of his Fatboy Slim tracks and renamed them either ‘Fatbay Slime’ or ‘Quentin Leo Cook’. Since he often displays the currently playing track to the eclectic audience, he needs to fix this, and quickly. He also needs to add in a unique number to the start of every file, so he can show the whole list of roughly 8,000 files and let people choose which ones they want to hear next.

With this kind of audience participation system he’ll be booked until New Year’s Eve and beyond! But how is he going to rename all those MP3 files? He needs your help!

The Solution

1. Open RenameMaestro and drag and drop the first 1,000 files in. (Just to show the fuller workings of RenameMaestro, we’ll rename a thousand at a time, but you can rename them all at once if you like). Here are the first few files:

  • Go - Moby.mp3
  • I can't get no sleep - Faithless.mp3
  • I See You Baby - Groove Armada.mp3
  • Sunset (Bird of Prey) - Quentin Leo Cook.mp3
  • You've come a long way baby - Fatbay Slime.mp3
  • ...

2. Select ‘Find & Replace Text’ from the available actions list. Leave the ‘Replace in’ option as ‘Every name’, the ‘Beginning at’ option as ‘The start’, and the ‘Find only the first match’ option un-ticked. Type ‘Fatbay Slime’ into the ‘Find what’ text box and ‘Fatboy Slim’ into the ‘Replace with’ text box. Leave the ‘Match each letter’s case’ option un-ticked. Press ‘Save’.

3. Again, select ‘Find & Replace Text’ from the available actions list. Delete the existing text in the ‘Find what’ box, and type ‘Quentin Leo Cook’ into it. Press ‘Save’. Note that these two Find & Replace actions are totally separate, and not interconnected; there are two items now in the ‘Actions’ list at the top.

4. Select ‘Insert Numbers’ from the available actions list. Leave the ‘Insert into’ option as ‘Every name’, from the ‘Beginning at’ list select ‘The start’ option and in the ‘To’ box type ‘1000’. Make sure the ‘Use magic numbering’ option is un-ticked, and tick (check) the ‘Number of digits’ tick box, and select ‘At least 4 digits’ from the drop down. Press ‘Save’.

5. Select ‘Insert Text’. Leave the ‘Insert into’ option as ‘Every name’, change the ‘Beginning at’ option to read ‘The start plus…’ and type in ‘4’ to the text box on the right. Then type ‘ – ‘ into the ‘Insert this text’ box. Press ‘Save’.

6. Press ‘Rename!’ and the files are renamed. If you wish to save the actions for another time, just press the ‘Options’ button and in the screen that pops up choose the ‘Export Actions’ button to save them to a file for repeated use.

  • 0001 - Go - Moby.mp3
  • 0002 - I can't get no sleep - Faithless.mp3
  • 0003 - I See You Baby - Groove Armada.mp3
  • 0004 - Sunset (Bird of Prey) - Fatboy Slim.mp3
  • 0005 - You've come a long way baby - Fatboy Slim.mp3
  • ...

To rename the next batch of one thousand files, do this:

7. Right click in the ‘Original Files’ list and select ‘Remove all’.

8. Drag and drop the next 1,000 files into RenameMaestro.

9. Select from the ‘Actions (4 saved)’ area at the top of the screen the third item in the list. It will say something like ‘3: Insert ‘1’ to ‘1000”. You will now be taken to your existing ‘Insert Numbers’ action, with all of the options that you last saved. Now just change the ‘From’ value in the text box from ‘1’ to ‘1001’, and change the ‘To’ value from ‘1000’ to ‘2000’. Press ‘Save’; you will then go through to your current ‘Insert Text’ option which you won’t want to change at all, so just press ‘Save’ again.

10. Press ‘Rename!’ and the files are renamed for you.

Now just repeat steps 7 to 10, remembering to use ‘2001’ in step 10 for the ‘From’ box, and then 3001, 4001, etc… You can save time by typing in a large number like ‘12000’ into the ‘To’ text box, since if you are only renaming a thousand files at a time, they will be numbered from 2001 – 3000, then the next batch would be 3001 – 4000 and so on. Any unused numbers will just be ignored by RenameMaestro.

Thanks to your powerful MP3 renamer, DJ Elastic will be in your debt for years to come, and drinks are on the house!