Gulf of Mexico to become “Gulf of America?”

State Rep. Steve Holland, who is a populist Democrat in Mississippi, USA, has put forth a tongue-in-cheek bill to rename the Gulf of Mexico as the “Gulf of America.”

The news has spread around the internet, but most people are not getting the joke. Several groups are outraged at the anti-Mexican sentiment, however Holland’s bill was originally meant to mock other bills that would crack down harshly on immigration. Holland states that he finds these bills too hard on Hispanic minorities and opposes them.

State Rep. Holland is well known in the community for his strange and provocative sense of humor. He is also a funeral director and his funeral home gives out free insulated beverage sleeves to its customers which say “We’ll be the last to let you down.”

Missouri Battles over Nazi Hunter’s Memory

Two state representatives in Springfield, Missouri, USA are at logger heads over plans to rename part of a road to ‘West Sunshine’ in memory of Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi hunter and holocaust survivor. Representative Lampe failed last year to get the same stretch of road named after the Rabbi Abraham Heschel, who was a leading 20th Century civil rights veteran and Jewish theologian.

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