South Australia Might Get Name Change

The state of South Australia might get renamed in order to establish a better brand in the eyes of international visitors.

The Business South Australia Group Chief Executive Peter Vaughan has stated that the current name confuses many tourists from abroad. Visitors commonly do not understand that South Australia is a state and think that it refers to the entire southern half of the country

Also, the abbreviation “SA” is more commonly associated with “South Africa” in the minds of overseas visitors.

Mr Vaughan believes choosing a new name should be up to a public vote.

He is not the first to suggest a name change for the state. In 1999, advertising guru John Singleton suggested it be renamed “Bradman” after legendary local cricketer Sir Donald Bradman.

Australian Criminals No Longer Allowed to Change Names

A leopard can’t change his spots… and now a criminal in Australia can’t change his name to avoid the police.

In New South Wales, Australia, new laws are soon to be introduced this week which will forbid criminals from renaming themselves. Anyone with criminal convictions will be banned from performing a name change, as criminals have been using this technique to escape detection.

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages will be sent an official “alert list” from the prisons which has the names of dangerous offenders such as rapists and murderers. These types of criminals will never again be able to secure a new identity for themselves.

Attorney-General Greg Smith has also called for a national limit on the number of times a person can change their name.


Vegemite Renamed For Australia Day

Vegemite is a dark brown yeast-paste made with vegetables, wheat and spices. It is salty, bitter, and very strongly flavored, and it is thought of as an Australian icon. It is used very commonly down under as a spread for sandwiches, crumpets, cracker biscuits, toast, and pastries.

The iconic spread is going to be renamed “Australia” temporarily just in time for Australia Day as part of a marketing campaign. A different version of the easily recognizable Vegemite jar will be made where the red diamond label is replaced by a map of Australia. The collector’s edition jars will also features stories from ten quirky Australians around the country, including a member of the official Australian Sudoku team.

In a statement announcing the promotion, Vegemite marketing director Jenny Nolch said: “Changing Vegemite’s name to Australia for a limited time in the lead up to Australia Day is our way of showing some contemporary Australian pride. It’s about having a bit of fun and celebrating the irreverence of the Australian culture.”



Man From “Speed Kills” Also Changes Name

We recently brought you a story about a small Australian town that changed it’s name from Speed to Speed Kills to warn motorists of the dangers of travelling too fast.

Now, a sheep and wheat farmer from Speed also wants to rename himself in support of the cause. Phil Down decided after 20,000 people ‘liked’ the campaign on Facebook, that he will become Phil Slow Down for a month.

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