Albert Pujol Restaurant Renamed

Albert Pujols is a baseball player who used to play for the St. Louis Cardinals and helped the team to win the World Series in October, and there was even a popular restaurant in the city named after him. However, the restaurant has been renamed after Pujols left St. Louis as a free agent and signed a ten year contract with the Angels in California.

The owners of the restaurant which was known as “Pujols 5” have renamed it the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame Bar and Grill.

When Pujols left, security guards had to guard the statue of him which was outside the restaurant due to angry fans. That statue will wind up with the Pujols Foundation, likely in the Southern California area.


Mariners Fan Campaigns for Ken Griffey Jr. Way

Superfan Glen Garnett is pushing to rename 1st Avenue South in Seattle after the best baseball player in the city’s history. His website, outlines the campaign, and Garnett is trying to drum up support and convince businesses to change their addresses.

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