American Beer Named After Goddess Offensive to Hindus

American brewing company Burnside Brewing Co. have had to rename one of their new signature beers after it’s name caused¬†controversy¬†in the Hindu community.

The beer, named “Kali-ma” after the Hindu goddess Kali, as an imperial wheat ale flavored with several Indian spices such as fenugreek, cardamom, peppers, cumin and Scotch-Bonnet peppers. There was a picture of the goddess displayed on each bottle.

The Hindu community was insulted to see a sacred depiction of a goddess on what they saw as a trivial, commercial product.

The brewery has stated that they did not mean to offend anyone, and that the idea for the beer name came from the film “Indiana Jones”.

Burnside are currently scrambling to rename the beer and will release it as soon as they come up with a new name.