Go Wespersons Go! – University Might Rename Sports Team

The sports teams at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada have been known as the Wesmen for several decades. Recently the university has been considering renaming the team to something more gender neutral.

Many other Canadian universities have changed the names of their sports teams in the past to be more gender-neutral, such as the University of Alberta changing its women’s teams to Pandas and the University of Waterloo switching from “Warriors” to “Athenas” for its women’s teams.

York University also changed their team name from “Yeoman” to Lions in 2003 in order to become more female inclusive.

However, some are opposed to the renaming because the name is an important part of the school’s history. A Facebook group called “Save the Wesmen” was created on Wednesday and had about 400 supporters less than 24 hours later.

“Fukyu” Sushi Restaurant Forced to Change Name

A new sushi restaurant opened up in Montreal, Canada this August and has been causing quite a stir with its name. Local residents are demanding that “Fukyu” restaurants be renamed as they feel it is inappropriate and offensive. Some of the other tenants in the same building have even threatened to leave because of the restaurant.

A Montreal judge requested that the restaurant covered up their sign with plastic sheeting. The owners of the Asian fusion dining establishment knew that the name was risque and might attract attention. However, Fukyu is a word that means a sequences of movements in Japanese martial arts. They wanted something catchy and Japanese and thought the play on words was funny rather than offensive.

The restaurant has decided to change its name to the Kabuki bar.

Ottawa Parkway Renamed After Canada’s First Prime Minister

One of the main landmarks in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, the Ottawa River Parkway, has been renamed in honor of the country’s very first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald. This scenic road weaves along the Ottawa River shoreline.

The new sign on Wednesday was revealed at the Deschênes Rapids. Local author Bob Plamondon has been trying to get the roadway renamed since last November, when he started collecting support on an online petition.

His idea to honor Sir John A. Macdonald came from a desire to inspire young people to learn more about history.

He has already done so in a way, as the renaming proposal has sparked debates in local newspapers about Macdonald’s role in the county’s past.

Macdonald is widely credited with playing a key role in the creation of the Canada that we know today. He led the meetings in Charlottetown with the leaders of British North American colonies that eventually led to confederation in 1867. He also played a role in choosing the City of Ottawa as the country’s capital.

Canadian Art Gallery Changes Name for Family Day

Family Day is a Canadian holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February and it honors children and families with lots of family friendly activities and festivals. In the city of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario will be officially renamed for the day on this Family Day, February 20th.

The name will be changed to the “Kids Gallery of Ontario” and the cultural institution will host a number of artistic activities for kids and parents.

Signs, including the big red AGO near the entrance, will be “creatively reworked” for the day to say KGO.)

Children will have a chance to paint, sculpt and work on installation art with AGO Gallery School instructors, take part in flash mobs, or just dance. There will also be visits from doppelgangers for artists such as Andy Warhol, or Pablo Picasso. Sounds like a lot of fun!