Village in the UK Renamed After Ashton Kutcher

In a silly publicity stunt by the Comedy Channel, a small village in the UK was renamed after American Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher for one day.

All of the road signs in the village were sneakily changed overnight to say “Ashton Kutcher” rather than “Ashton-Under-Hill”. Flower beds also sprung up overnight spelling his name. The stunt will bring publicity for Kutcher’s appearence in the new series of the American television sit-com Two and a Half Men. The show premiered in Britain on February 27th.

The village pub was renamed the “Ashton Kutcher Arms” for the day and a bronze statue of the actor appeared in the center of the village.

One elderly lady interviewed for the stunt was not pleased by the change, She said “I’ve been a resident here for 35 years, never heard of Ashton Ku…Kushner, never heard of two point five men, don’t know who they are.”

Bill Griffin from Comedy Central said: “The stunt was genuinely meant in good humour and if any of the locals from Ashton Under-Hill were amused, bemused or in any way inconvenienced I’ll stand them a drink at The Starr Inn or as we like to call it the Ashton Kutcher Arms.”

Beauty Therapist Renames Herself “Pink Sparkly And All Things Nice”

A Nottingham, England mother of three who owns her own salon business is so obsessed with the color pink that she uses a pink table, pink tools, and even pink wax in her treatment rooms. She also lives in a completely pink house filled with pink furnishings. Oh, and she has also renamed herself from Charlotte Price to “Pink Sparkly And All Things Nice.”

The name change was made in an attempt to promote the business. “Pink Nice” as she calls herself for short, is one of the 100,000 Brits who have officially changed their names in 2011.

Although Pink loves her new name, her friends and family are taking a while to get used to it. ‘Everyone is still calling me by my old name,” she said “My mum thinks I’m a bit mad really and so do my children. They stick to Mum.”