Facebook Has Renamed Your Address Without Even Asking

Many Facebook users are not aware that the social media network renamed all user’s default email addresses to [name]@facebook.com so that their messages would be forwarded to their Facebook profile inbox rather than to their regular email address.

The change annoyed many Facebook users, especially since it was done without permission and affected the address book settings on many smart phones, causing users to miss important email messages. Users had to manually alter the settings for their account so that the correct email address was displayed.

After numerous users complained about the change, Facebook blamed a bug within its apps and has set about fixing the problem.


Israeli Entrepreneur Changes Name to Mark Zuckerberg After Threat of Lawsuit from Facebook

An Israeli entrepreneur known as Rotem Guez offers a service called the “Like Store” which sells Facebook “likes” and “fans” to advertisers. However, this violates the terms of service of the social networking site, and the lawyers of the company have sent Guez two cease-and-desist letters.

Facebook closed his account, and told him that he “may no longer access the Facebook website or use Facebook’s services for any purpose whatsoever.” In a somewhat strange reaction to this letter, Guez walked into his local Interior Ministry and officially renamed himself Mark Zuckerberg.

The new Zuckerberg believes that changing his name will make Facebook want to back out of a lawsuit to avoid the publicity of suing someone with the exact same name as it’s chief executive officer and co-founder. Facebook vs Mark Zuckerberg?

Reality really is stranger than fiction!


Man From “Speed Kills” Also Changes Name

We recently brought you a story about a small Australian town that changed it’s name from Speed to Speed Kills to warn motorists of the dangers of travelling too fast.

Now, a sheep and wheat farmer from Speed also wants to rename himself in support of the cause. Phil Down decided after 20,000 people ‘liked’ the campaign on Facebook, that he will become Phil Slow Down for a month.

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