Offensive Foods in Austria Renamed

When ordering from a menu in Austria, you might find yourself saying some offensive racial slurs simply because these words are included in the names of traditional Austrian dishes. An Austrian equality organization is calling for these inappropriate historical recipes to be renamed.

In Austria, there is a type of dark double-baked rye bread which is called “Negerbrot”. This name translates to “(N-word) Bread” and is one of the most unpolitically correct menu items. There is also “Zigeunerschnitzel” which is a traditional pork cutlet made with pepper and onion sauce, but the name translates to “Gypsy Steak”. Another dish is a chocolate cake called “Mohr in Hemd” or “Moor in a Shirt” which refers to the North Africans who have migrated to Europe over the centuries. Last but not least there is also spaghetti alla puttanesca – which literally means “whore’s spaghetti.”

Some are arguing that this idea of renaming traditional dishes is taking political correctness too far. However, the spokesperson for the Association of Austrian Restaurateurs stated that “Our job is all about welcoming people and for this reason we should offer a good example.”

The names will be changed to simply descriptive terms which reflect the dish, such as “very dark bread” and “chocolate cake with cream”. The new names might be boring, but at least they will not offend anyone.