Hospital Cashier Changes Patient’s Name to “Go-to-Hell”

After having a quarrel with his wife over a mistake on their bill, a vengeful intern cashier in a hospital in China decided to express her frustration by renaming the patient “Go To Hell”. She changed his name in all of his medical records at the Shanghai Tumor Hospital where he was being treated for cancer.

His wife discovered the change later when she was lining up to pay for his medications and saw “Go To Hell, Zhang” displayed on the information screen. The hospital is now embroiled in a lengthy legal battle as the patient and his wife demand compensation and a formal apology.

The hospital said yesterday the cashier’s probation was extended for an extra year and she was also punished with a 10,000 yuan deduction from her salary for the angry name change. However, “Go to Hell” and his wife say that this is not enough and that a formal apology letter from the cashier should also be displayed on the information screen and broadcast throughout the hospital.