“Hitler” Clothing Store Changes It’s Name

Rajash Shah, the owner of a new men’s clothing store in India called “Hitler”, has agreed to rename his store after numerous complaints.

The store received letters from the New York-based Anti-Defamation League, as well as members of the local Jewish community in Ahmedabad, stating that using the name of the Nazi dictator was completely inappropriate and offensive.

The owners claim that they did not know who Adolf Hitler was when the shop opened.

The co-owner of the store, Manish Chandani, told AFP news agency that the shop’s name was a tribute to his grandfather who was nicknamed Hitler because he was “very strict”.

“I was not aware of Hitler being responsible for the killings of six million people before the shop’s inauguration. This time I will choose a non-controversial name.” he said.


Missouri Battles over Nazi Hunter’s Memory

Two state representatives in Springfield, Missouri, USA are at logger heads over plans to rename part of a road to ‘West Sunshine’ in memory of Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi hunter and holocaust survivor. Representative Lampe failed last year to get the same stretch of road named after the Rabbi Abraham Heschel, who was a leading 20th Century civil rights veteran and Jewish theologian.

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