Parents Believe Name Change Cured Baby With Brain Disease

A New Zealand baby was cured of a rare brain disease simply because her name was changed from Kendyl Louise to Mylee Jay, according to her parents. However, the medical specialists involved are not too sure that the renaming had any effect.

Mylee began to have seizures only days after she was born and her desperate parents called a Name Analyst to see if they had chosen a name which was somehow unlucky.

He quickly found the combination of the name Kendyl and her birth date had a corrosive effect, because of “distractions between her name and her bodily functions”, he said.

A few weeks after the name change Mylee’s seizures stopped and her brain patterns returned to normal.

However, the paediatric neurologist who treated Mylee, said there was no possible link between her name change and improved condition.

Australian Criminals No Longer Allowed to Change Names

A leopard can’t change his spots… and now a criminal in Australia can’t change his name to avoid the police.

In New South Wales, Australia, new laws are soon to be introduced this week which will forbid criminals from renaming themselves. Anyone with criminal convictions will be banned from performing a name change, as criminals have been using this technique to escape detection.

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages will be sent an official “alert list” from the prisons which has the names of dangerous offenders such as rapists and murderers. These types of criminals will never again be able to secure a new identity for themselves.

Attorney-General Greg Smith has also called for a national limit on the number of times a person can change their name.


Hospital Cashier Changes Patient’s Name to “Go-to-Hell”

After having a quarrel with his wife over a mistake on their bill, a vengeful intern cashier in a hospital in China decided to express her frustration by renaming the patient “Go To Hell”. She changed his name in all of his medical records at the Shanghai Tumor Hospital where he was being treated for cancer.

His wife discovered the change later when she was lining up to pay for his medications and saw “Go To Hell, Zhang” displayed on the information screen. The hospital is now embroiled in a lengthy legal battle as the patient and his wife demand compensation and a formal apology.

The hospital said yesterday the cashier’s probation was extended for an extra year and she was also punished with a 10,000 yuan deduction from her salary for the angry name change. However, “Go to Hell” and his wife say that this is not enough and that a formal apology letter from the cashier should also be displayed on the information screen and broadcast throughout the hospital.