Wellington, New Zealand is Renamed For Hobbit Premiere

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, will be renamed “The Middle of Middle Earth” next month when it hosts the world premiere of The Hobbit movie trilogy. The name will be recognized in the postal service and the masthead of the local newspaper as well as many other places.

The premiere of the first film in the Hobbit trilogy, which was filmed in the beautiful scenery or New Zealand, will take place on November 28th at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington. During the premiere there will also be an artisan festival which will celebrate all things Middle Earth as well as a 500 yard red carpet which will extend through central Wellington. At the moment there is a countdown clock in the middle of the Embassy Square which is counting down the minutes to the beginning of the premiere.

Wellington Council will also be hosting free outdoor screenings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the days leading up to the premiere.

Parents Believe Name Change Cured Baby With Brain Disease

A New Zealand baby was cured of a rare brain disease simply because her name was changed from Kendyl Louise to Mylee Jay, according to her parents. However, the medical specialists involved are not too sure that the renaming had any effect.

Mylee began to have seizures only days after she was born and her desperate parents called a Name Analyst to see if they had chosen a name which was somehow unlucky.

He quickly found the combination of the name Kendyl and her birth date had a corrosive effect, because of “distractions between her name and her bodily functions”, he said.

A few weeks after the name change Mylee’s seizures stopped and her brain patterns returned to normal.

However, the paediatric neurologist who treated Mylee, said there was no possible link between her name change and improved condition.