Occupy or Un-Occupy? What’s in a name?

Occupy Wall Street is a series of demonstrations which began in September in Zuccotti Park in New York’s financial district. Protesters have been camping out in public, protesting against economic inequality, corporate greed, high unemployment, and the influence of corporations on the government.

The movement has been followed by many other similar groups setting up camp in cities all over the world. However, the protesters in Albuquerque have recently become divided over a renaming.

Some members of the Occupy Albuquerque movement suggested that the term “occupy” was offensive to indigenous people. Once the group was renamed to “(un)Occupy Albuquerque” some members of the group broke off to form their own movement again known as Occupy Albuquerque because they wanted to keep the name as close to the Occupy Wall Street movement as possible.┬áThe two groups now meet up┬áseparately