Peter Molyneux’s New Game Must Be Renamed Due to NASA Rover

Peter Molyneux, the man behind Fable and Black & White, will be renaming the new game that he is developing. The game, which was originally titled “Curiosity” was to be the first in a set of 22 experimental social media games. 

However, since the “Curiosity” Rover recently touched down on Mars, Molyneux is rethinking the name. NASA has not banned him from using it, but he fears that since searches for Mars Rover information on Google are so popular this will overshadow any searches for his game and kill his chances of reaching the first page of results.

He hopes to find a new name which will be simple to search for on Google and easy for players to find.

In a series of Tweets, Molyneux hinted at the issue and then asked readers and gamers to help his studio, 22Cans, come up with a new name.

Facebook Has Renamed Your Address Without Even Asking

Many Facebook users are not aware that the social media network renamed all user’s default email addresses to [name] so that their messages would be forwarded to their Facebook profile inbox rather than to their regular email address.

The change annoyed many Facebook users, especially since it was done without permission and affected the address book settings on many smart phones, causing users to miss important email messages. Users had to manually alter the settings for their account so that the correct email address was displayed.

After numerous users complained about the change, Facebook blamed a bug within its apps and has set about fixing the problem.